Microsoft suggests tabs and rounded corners for Windows 10 apps

Microsoft offers a library of interface elements called WinUI: It is intended for developers of universal applications (UWP), and has been updated to include items with rounded corners, tabbed windows, and thinner lines. It’s a preview of the design that Windows 10 itself should get in the coming months.



WinUI brings together the interface elements for universal apps: It’s an open-source project from Microsoft that reached stable release 2.2 this week. One of its new features is “CornerRadius”: developers can create menus and text boxes with rounded corners.

Windows Central’s Zac Bowden said on Twitter that rounded corners should “appear in more areas of Microsoft software in the coming weeks, months and years,” including Windows, Office and Xbox.


Microsoft Edge with Chromium already uses tabs and text fields with rounded corners. Gradually, Windows 10 and applications like Clima adopt this interface element.

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