Desktop Management Software Overview

What is Desktop Management Software?

Desktop management software supports and automates the remote discovery and tracking of client desktops deployed across a network. The remote discovery process may extend to desktop monitoring, automated patching, and centralized management of security (e.g. antivirus) applications and policy. Beyond desktops, client management software includes laptops, mobile devices, USB devices, and servers. Desktop management software may instead be described as client management software,

The discovery process provided by client desktop management software can increase efficiency, provide better security policy adherence, and also provide insight to improve end-user experience.

Desktop Management Software Features & Capabilities

Desktop management software provides the following capabilities:


  • Remote discovery of devices on a network
  • Hardware discovery of client devices for inventory
  • Also discover mobile devices, servers, peripherals, USB devices
  • Security audit data generation (e.g. expired passwords, permissions checking)
  • Software discovery of client devices for inventory and patching
  • Patch automation of commonly used software (e.g. OS)
  • User Account management & support for roaming users
  • Remote task management (e.g. system reboot, driver configuration)
  • Support /prepare for desktop migration
  • Power management
  • Security policy enforcement and remediation

Pricing Information

Desktop management software for small networks may be available free. It is also available via perpetual licensing or on an annual subscription. Pricing scales with number of endpoints to be managed and feature sophistication. Some deployments are available with add-ons to support mobile device management, server failover, or secure gateway for roaming users.

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